Big Time Dreams

Not gonna lie, I was pretty upset that Big Time Rush has ended, it was the show I’ll wake up at 8AM just to watch the live streaming.

This show is about 4 guys moving out to LA to fulfill their pop-star dream, at the end of the show they did win the award :”), which I hope in real life they will gain more recognition, they are seriously the most down to earth people, if I compare them to other celebrities. :’)

Dreams. Everyone has them, big or small, realistic or unrealistic, dreams are something that motivates us to move forward with life and become better. At this moment I really do not have any goals nor dreams to work forward to, in fact, I don’t think I ever had, I’ve always drifted along with the flow without knowing where my end is. I really want to know what I want, so that I can work towards it and make the best out of my life, and not regret it in the future.

Right now, its quite safe to say that I don’t have any regrets, though, I should have said YES to certain things when the chance was given, but I do not regret my decision I’ve already made, because I know there will be other chances *hopefully* or I know that it is just a passing phase.

My ‘don’t care just live with it’ attitude, maybe the reason why I don’t have regrets, once a decision has been made, I’ll just make do and try to make the best of it that makes me not ‘regret’.



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