August 1, 2013

All of us go through different phases in our lives, some happy ones, some not so happy.

Lately, i’ve been feeling really down and lonely, like no one wants to be with me or i just want to be left alone. It seems like a phase that I go through yearly! Last year I felt so down that I lost my appetite and lost 4kg even though I ate normally and didn’t work out at all.This year I just stuff myself with food, no matter how full I am, I’ll try to stuff more food into myself!

I really wish I knew the real reason that’s causing me to feel like that, because, clearly not doing my body good, neither is it good for my mind as well. Sometimes I feel why do i take time off to accompany others when their down, because when I’m the one feeling down, no one seems to be bothered or even answer a simple message. Life still goes on no matter how pointless and hopeless it may seem.

So, for August, my goal is to be happier and work hard for school.

A picture I took after I got out from Butter! Its a photo I must take every time I walk pass fullerton, something about it make me feel calm and relaxed.



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