August 24, 2013

Have you ever felt that you only have 3 friends and all of them are too busy for you? Yeah thats me right now. I have the urge to go out and try all the little cafes that have been recently popping up, but to my dismay I don’t have anyone to go with but my mother. ย Not that I mind going with her, but it just feels different. She always tells me that “we are your friends! why don’t you ask us out?” Have I really become this antisocial that my only friends are my parents and brother?

When I was in poly, people used to tell me “your friends are busy with school”. Now that I’m in Uni, people tell me “they’re busy with their boyfriends”. Previously when I was working they used to say “they’re busy working, no time for you”. I seem to be the most free person in the world that no matter what phase I am in my life I’m always available. Am I really this insignificant that I’m not needed anywhere?

Gotta start practicing being alone, because one day my parents are gonna leave this earth, and my brother will start his own family, while #loserpau will be under her bridge rearing stray kitties and worrying about her depleting life savings.


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