December 1, 2013

Its December, 31 days more till 2014! So far, 2013 has gone by quickly and smoothly!

Received my first sem results a few days back, I must say I’m pretty satisfied with everything except for EG, thought I did really well for the paper but what I obtained says otherwise. Not complaining because I PASSED EVERYTHING and that’s all I asked and prayed for. Just 2 more semester and I’m done with school and ready for the real world. I still prefer working to studying, but being a full time student has its perks too, afternoon nap time, high tea time and 4 months holiday per year (there’s no need to bother to apply for leave!)

Found a few tumblr post relatable, if things continued or stayed the same, maybe the ending would be different? who knows!


Just hoping and praying that the rest of 2013 will go by well and 2014 would be awesome for everyone, you, me and everyone in the world, no more natural disasters that wipes out their home, no more famine and the cure for cancer soon!

Ending off with some pictures I took in Nov
 IMG_7285 IMG_7175 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_7094 


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