December 19, 2013

In less than 2 weeks, it will be 2014! 2013 has gone by quickly and pretty well too, really grateful for all the opportunities and chances that i’ve been given through out the year.

One of the highlights this year was receiving my promotion letter!!! I still remembered that day when I was handed the letter, I was so busy trying to calculate how much bonus I received to even bother about the paper that my manager passed to me, until one of my colleague asked me to read it!ย 

Another event that I feel that is worth mentioning is I joined a CCA on my own accord without having the fear of people judging me. Though I wasn’t confident during my audition, I really glad I tried out and got in, because I dancing is something I really like doing, I regretted not doing it in poly because I’ve missed out on lots of opportunities and experience.

Lastly I’m glad to say that my worries about failing in school have eased slightly, I may not be a HD student, but I’ve exceeded my own expectations and goals so thats something that deserves to be mentioned!

2014, all I want is to do well in my studies, graduate, get a job and save up to get a house ASAP before the value of flats become unattainable! #gopaugo!

Ending off this post with happy pictures throughout the year ๐Ÿ™‚





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