January 4, 2014

The last few days of 2013 was spent rather eventfully, even though I wasn’t feeling that festive at all. I’ve stop living celebrating christmas and new years because i pretty much have nothing to do! When I was younger, we used to visit my relatives during christmas, but due to certain reasons we just stopped. Do I miss visitings? Maybe? But I miss the food I get to eat! Feng, Pineapple tarts and Sugee cake, its almost impossible to find nice feng outside and the one my father makes doesn’t fit my liking! I NEED LEGIT EURASIAN FOOD ASAP!

Was invited to a house party, wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, I really should try to be more sociable in this new year. 23 going on 24, I still can’t break the ice with people and I have a face that scares off every single person on earth, which makes me #foreveralone

Brunch at Forlino was amazing, with an amazing view and such an attentive waitress serving us, very informative with the dishes and she was very engaging throughout our meal.



HAD MY FIRST GLASS OF SHOTS TODAY #ACHIVEMENTUNLOCK! (IKR 23 going 24 now then tried first shot, don’t know what this girl do during her teenage years) Didn’t taste bad, but licking the salt and sucking the lemon was the worst part of it IMO, hate salty/sour/bitter/citrus things. 2014 is looking good so far, but my only concern and resolution this year is to get more distinctions/ high distinctions and hopefully graduate with distinctions! **crossing fingers, toes, and body**



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