April 1, 2014


Semester 2 is about to end, this semester’s modules are a pain in the ass! I haven’t gotten down to study, but I know its gonna be an uphill challenge. I’ve also lost my drive to sit down and mug because I don’t have people who I know in any mods this semester, and it just makes me feel uneasy not having friends who I can rely on for help :/. Have not gotten back the actual results for  mid-semester marks, but so far all seems well, at least I know I pass all of them, a huge sigh of relive, because i was so worried that I’d fail BF that I even wanted to appeal to retake the test! Thank you god for helping me though the test, even though I wasn’t 100% prepared for it, so glad i passed!!!

School aside. the extra responsibility that I’m carrying now is really taxing to my mind and body, really hope that when I look back, all of it will be worth it #YOLO.

March is coming to an end, that means in another 4 months I’ll be 24 and 9 more months till I graduate, till now I don’t see any light in my tunnel, everything is still dark, floating nowhere, going nowhere, is networking the only way to survive in today’s world?

What I see right now, hard work alone DOES NOT pay off, when you have the network, only then it seems that hard work pays off, we have been taught since young we have to work hard to get to where we want to be, some people work like dogs/cows/bulls and still remain at the bottom of the food chain but those with contacts get a higher starting point, from there the sky is their limit, theres no stopping on where they’ll be next; the circle of life.

One other thing that I’m concern with is will I be #foreveralone? I it’s too soon to speak but I always have a backup plan for anything, even going out for a meal, I’ll have two places just in case the first one is closed for the day or it’s not to our liking, I don’t like to go with the flow, which is contradicting because I usually follow what majority says.


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