13 July, 2014


Turned 24 a day ago, this year I was really persistent that I didn’t want to go out for my yearly dinner with my family even though deep down I really wanted to have something fancy, expensive and catch the NDP fireworks!

The reason for doing this is to punish myself, because I do not deserve anything good this year because I didn’t study hard enough which lead to me fail this mod which I really can’t seem to understand at all :/ 

At first I removed my birthday on facebook (we all know most that wish you don’t really know its your birthday but because facebook told them!) but I decided to put it back on a night before just so I can be a tad bit happier.

Idky I get so irritated when she ‘copies’ me. On my 21st, I said I didn’t want to celebrate because I didn’t see a point plus i felt “unsuccessful”, she then went to say the exact same things when it was her 21st! #justarant #feelingirritated and I know if i post all these on twitter she’s definitely tweet in my exact same words!  

My final semester, all I want to do is pass reasonably well and to get out of school and xxxxx, get my dream job and be happy!

Whoever wants to marry me please marry me so i don’t have to work! HAHAH #kidding 




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