October 1, 2014

Production is finally over! 3 months have gone by just like this, and as cliche as this sounds I’m really thankful and grateful for all the support I’ve gotten especially from the members, it was really stressful period because it was assignment hell week just before production and I had other things to worry about, namely 50th anniversary. Getting little encouragement spurs from the members and to those those who listen to my rants I’m really thankful, if not for you I’d gone mad by now!

To Kriss and Jiexiao, although I’m not the best dancer to work with, I’m really thankful that you didn’t give up on me and continue to push me further, i’ve really learnt a lot through the past 3 months. To the girls in ‘these hands’, it’s been a pleasure working with you especially 4/6 of you are alumni’s, and still willing to guide me slowly when I can’t get my steps :’)


The beach babes and dudes from ‘Let’s go to the beach’, although our item was really under rehearsed, we managed to pull through and closed the show on a high note!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Towels, Wires, Socks, Handphones, ‘Babarella’. The most prop intensive, colourful and out of this world choreography ever!


To my best pau friend and only friend that came to support me :”) Speaking of which I need to disown all my ‘friends’ who said that they’ll come ! HAHAHAHA i kid i kid!


Lastly to my 4th exco, going through scolding after scolding, night after night. We finally made it through altogether in once piece alive!


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