March 29, 2015


Picture credit: The Straits Times

As you left the parliament house this afternoon for UCC for the last time, it started to pour, it was as if the skies were crying together with the nation that you had a part in building for the last 50 years. A wonderful leader that many look up to, locally as well as overseas. Yes, many may not agree on some of the policies that have been implemented but we need to understand, when he planned these polices,he looks as the long term picture and not just immediate results.

Over the week I’ve learnt more about you through the videos and documentaries that the local media has been telecasting non stop since your passing than I’ve learnt in school during social studies and history lessons. Though I will not truly understand what my parents and grandparents have been through, but I am glad that I’m able to enjoy the fruits of your labor now!

Thank you Sir for your contribution to this nation and goodbye! Eternal rest grant unto him o lord and may perpectual light shine upon you. May you rest in peace. Amen.

The bay that you’ve envisioned many years ago, I hope to see more of your plans revealed in the years to come!


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