This Is Why I Loved You

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Flickr / Vincent AnderlucciFlickr / Vincent Anderlucci

Six months after a relationship ends, it’s hard to remember why the relationship even came to be. Every now and then, I have to remind myself why I loved you. I have to remind myself that you weren’t always a bad idea. You weren’t always the one that got away. For a little while, you were mine. And for a little while, I got to love you.

I loved you for the way your laugh erupted out of you. The corners of your lips would start to curl into a smile, and all of a sudden, your body would lunge forward and this booming laugh would come pouring out. Your eyes always looked a little surprised by the action, and I adored that.

I loved you for our first kiss. We were watching some terrible movie that you told me I would love, but I knew…

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