June 25, 2015

So, I finally graduated! After being retained for another semester, it didn’t matter because I will still graduated the same time with my batch, what mattered was that I had to pay an extra 3.2k.

I must say, Uni is not as easy as I thought it would be, before I started, when I heard people failed their exams, I’d think that because they were lazy and didn’t study hard for exams that’s why they failed, I WAS WRONG. At least for the school that I was in, if you got a P for your assignment, you better work your ass off for the exam because the chances of you failing the module is freaking high! I had many people tell me before that Australian Uni are less stressful and really easy to pass, but I think they are either damn smart or I’m damn stupid.

To sum things up, my uni life wasn’t awesome as I’d like it to be, but it was great, the best thing I did was to join DA, not only was I able to make new friends, I took up a leadership role, was able to organise, plan and initiate activities as well as productions. As cliche as this sounds, definitely something that I won’t be able to learn from books.

Goodbye RMIT SIM.

IMG_2992 IMG_3061 IMG_3059 IMG_2880 IMG_2838

Alltitude 2014

IMG_7500 IMG_7567

CDC 2015


Grand hall IMG_7553

Last photo at the courtyard 10983402_10152832581023962_5762014148892207974_n

Supper with the dancersIMG_5276 11061252_10152821928383920_2627896249447659911_n

lastly the 4th comm, the ones that went through all the scoldings, suppers and laughter with me :”)


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