20 July, 2015

Being a sour puss. That makes me, me! I’ve had this really bad habit of always looking at things from a worst case scenario, maybe it’s because I don’t wanna disappoint myself any further!

Each of us have had our little blessings, I’ve not been spared, I do get all happy, but it’s always short lived as I’ll think of 99 ways to make this blessing seem like a curse! Recently it strike me as many of my friends have told me that my thoughts are really negative, I mean I do try to take things from a different perspective, however it’s really easier said than done!

There are many things that I’ve experienced that made me the negative sour puss I am today, so to say that I should be think more positive, it is extremely difficult.

I’d like to be that bundle of sunshine that everyone loves to hang out or share secrets with, but too bad I’m just that girl, with the blackest, most longest face, sitting at one corner scaring children away!

Speaking of children, I really think people who cannot afford the time for their children to stop reproducing, really the world has enough of people, there no need for more if you can’t educate and nurture them properly! Don’t waste resources, I don’t think there’s much of it left anyway.


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