7 September, 2015


Two years of studying like a mad women, I’m officially a graduate! Uni wasn’t the easiest for me but whatever, this pau has made it!

Second month into my job, I’ve about another month till I bid the company goodbye! I really love the people I’ve met so far, especially those that came in with me! I don’t have much working experience, but never once I had colleagues around my age or cliqued so well! If I’ve met such people in my course, I think Uni would be a blast, not forgetting project work will be a easier! Really hope that we……..

Sigh. When will you fetch me? Occasionally when I sick and tired of work and blurt out I wanna go home NOW, I remember you saying you’ll come and fetch me next week! (Because you weren’t in Singapore then) I’m still waiting. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. I don’t know I miss you or I miss having someone whose there to tell them about my day, butch about that very annoying sales assistant or just sending random pictures of where/what we’re doing. Sigh.

Am i happy? Am I really happy? Or is this a facade only? Maybe I’m lonely that’s all.

Ending off with pictures of my big day!




image image image

image image


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