15 July, 2016

IMG_0334Another trip right after i quit my job, there seems to be some like some kind of unplanned pattern.. humm.

This time round to the land of plastic surgery, kimchi and my (now) my favourite Song Joong Ki oppa. South Korea.

My 10 days adventure started with a run! Firstly never trust the gate number thats printed on your ticket, especially when you need to transit at KL airport (the gate number never seems to be the one thats printed on the ticket), we remembered the correct gate number but guess who change the gate number at the last min? Having your name announced in the airport is both confusing, exhilarating and terrible too . Confusing because you think, what are the odds that its you or someone having the same name? Exhilarating because the whole world gets to know the name. Terrible because the whole world will know you’re that idiot who doesn’t go to the board to double check! So yeah, a ran to our gate which happens to be the furthest. Mind you, not only were we the last 2 to board, we were panting like dogs who needed water desperately.

IMG_0351 I have to say that i’ve underestimated MAS, well I have to admit they don’t have the friendliest crew, but comfort, entertainment and food wise I think is really much better than CX.IMG_0348

After a 7 hours overnight flight we finally reached Seoul, checked out and another adventure was presented right in front of us! The language barrier! Because we couldn’t get through to them, we spent close to 2 hours in the airport finding the right exit for SIM cards, KTX and the station itself. Up down up down we went, finally settled our train tickets and had to run for both the metro and KTX with our luggages, if not we would reach Busan even later.


Tired plus hungry, our “friendly” neighbour for the ride didn’t even offer to help us stow our huge luggages in the overhead compartment, instead allowed us to block the way of others for 2 stop (that appx 20 mins). Already I’m feeling so exhausted that I’ve to run all over the place and I meet such selfish people. #majorturnoff! Do make up only! Put hair curler only.

Finally reached Busan, and again finding our way to the right exit, which took what almost an hour? We were 3 hours behind our planned schedule and we didn’t have much time in Busan. NO THANKS TO THE LANGUAGE BARRIER AND THE HORRIBLE SIGNAGE.

Took awhile to find the airbnb, didn’t expect much of the place, but it was good enough to rest and had everything we needed. Freshened up and headed out for food.

First stop, Fried chicken but no beer, because we’re not alcoholics! Who drinks in the middle of the afternoon? Wouldn’t say fantastic, but better than any fried chicken here in Sg.


Wasted no time after that, and explored the area before heading i forgot where for shopping! I came to Korea with no expectations on buying anything, true enough, there nothing that’s to my liking! Its make up haven though.

Dinner at some random army stew shop, which was okay I guess, I mean how hard is it to boil water and kimchi together right?



With that we head back to the apartment to rest. End of day 1 and 2


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