13 May, 2017



Lune Croissanterie will be the only reason I want to revisit Melbourne.

Soft, fluffy, buttery of never ending layers of pastry that you don’t mind eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper.

Amazing that even though it’s located far away from the main street, in an inconspicuous warehouse, you’ll be surprise to see a long line forming even at 1pm.


Address: 119 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia


15 July, 2016

IMG_0334Another trip right after i quit my job, there seems to be some like some kind of unplanned pattern.. humm.

This time round to the land of plastic surgery, kimchi and my (now) my favourite Song Joong Ki oppa. South Korea.

My 10 days adventure started with a run! Firstly never trust the gate number thats printed on your ticket, especially when you need to transit at KL airport (the gate number never seems to be the one thats printed on the ticket), we remembered the correct gate number but guess who change the gate number at the last min? Having your name announced in the airport is both confusing, exhilarating and terrible too . Confusing because you think, what are the odds that its you or someone having the same name? Exhilarating because the whole world gets to know the name. Terrible because the whole world will know you’re that idiot who doesn’t go to the board to double check! So yeah, a ran to our gate which happens to be the furthest. Mind you, not only were we the last 2 to board, we were panting like dogs who needed water desperately.

IMG_0351 I have to say that i’ve underestimated MAS, well I have to admit they don’t have the friendliest crew, but comfort, entertainment and food wise I think is really much better than CX.IMG_0348

After a 7 hours overnight flight we finally reached Seoul, checked out and another adventure was presented right in front of us! The language barrier! Because we couldn’t get through to them, we spent close to 2 hours in the airport finding the right exit for SIM cards, KTX and the station itself. Up down up down we went, finally settled our train tickets and had to run for both the metro and KTX with our luggages, if not we would reach Busan even later.


Tired plus hungry, our “friendly” neighbour for the ride didn’t even offer to help us stow our huge luggages in the overhead compartment, instead allowed us to block the way of others for 2 stop (that appx 20 mins). Already I’m feeling so exhausted that I’ve to run all over the place and I meet such selfish people. #majorturnoff! Do make up only! Put hair curler only.

Finally reached Busan, and again finding our way to the right exit, which took what almost an hour? We were 3 hours behind our planned schedule and we didn’t have much time in Busan. NO THANKS TO THE LANGUAGE BARRIER AND THE HORRIBLE SIGNAGE.

Took awhile to find the airbnb, didn’t expect much of the place, but it was good enough to rest and had everything we needed. Freshened up and headed out for food.

First stop, Fried chicken but no beer, because we’re not alcoholics! Who drinks in the middle of the afternoon? Wouldn’t say fantastic, but better than any fried chicken here in Sg.


Wasted no time after that, and explored the area before heading i forgot where for shopping! I came to Korea with no expectations on buying anything, true enough, there nothing that’s to my liking! Its make up haven though.

Dinner at some random army stew shop, which was okay I guess, I mean how hard is it to boil water and kimchi together right?



With that we head back to the apartment to rest. End of day 1 and 2

28 February, 2016


It’s almost a month since I left Momo Bank (to protect the identity of the bank), still getting use to the my new work culture and environment, something that I hate doing the most. I shall see how it goes a few months down the road, hopefully it gets better and I’ll enjoy going to work just like I did in Momo.

It is here at Momo that I met the best group of colleagues, because we were lower than the lowest creatures on the food chain, we were banished to a cage to work, if we weren’t in this cage I think we wouldn’t be as close as we are now.


The four (five) of us were from the first batch, naturally we were closer, but fortunately we clicked very well, especially V and I, we practically clicked immediately after our introduction with each other, I still remembered her the first thing she said to me! “Your nails very nice! where you do at?” although very superficial at that point in time, somehow we just got along mighty fine!

It was only later we got closer to the guys and had lunches with them, because one of them said “why don’t you eat with us everyday? Is it you don’t like us? Don’t like must tell me why!” from then on we became lunch buddies! Thankful for my lunch buddies and because it’s not only about work when we’re together!



Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

OOTD at the office life landing


This is by far my most ridiculous lunch request, I made them walk all the way from the office to fullerton just to have after lunch desserts at Lady M. Although I think sometimes my request are very ridiculous, but now my new colleagues request are OUT OF THIS FREAKING WORLD! Ban mian from TPY, YTF from Lucky Plaza, Chicken rice from Bugis… the list goes on.


Well there are 4 girls in total from both batches, I wasn’t really close to both A but over time we started talking more and hanged out more too. Really great bitching buddies!

IMG_1761Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I mentioned on top there were 5 of us, but you must be wondering who the fifth member is since there’s only 4 of us in the picture? Well all I have to say is people would really forgo this friendship and go through all means to get what they want. Yes we are all fighting for the coveted spot as perm, but I believe there are other ways to do it.

Slowly but surely, people started to leave, although we really like this place very much, the people, the culture, everything was just too comfortable but the pay here is really measly and there’s definitely better jobs out there for us and we all know there isn’t any chance for us here. I had a chance to get a perm position in another department, but I decided to forgo it as well because I knew that if I went there, my life won’t be the same, with my “fifth member” hating on them so much and me going over, it would mean I’ll be on the one receiving as I had to liaise with him all the time! All that hate and criticism from him when it’s really unnecessary, and I would very much want to be that loser and just throw in the white flag.

As unhappy I am at my new place, I know that I’ll still be able to meet them for lunch or dinner and that more than enough for me.


7 September, 2015


Two years of studying like a mad women, I’m officially a graduate! Uni wasn’t the easiest for me but whatever, this pau has made it!

Second month into my job, I’ve about another month till I bid the company goodbye! I really love the people I’ve met so far, especially those that came in with me! I don’t have much working experience, but never once I had colleagues around my age or cliqued so well! If I’ve met such people in my course, I think Uni would be a blast, not forgetting project work will be a easier! Really hope that we……..

Sigh. When will you fetch me? Occasionally when I sick and tired of work and blurt out I wanna go home NOW, I remember you saying you’ll come and fetch me next week! (Because you weren’t in Singapore then) I’m still waiting. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. I don’t know I miss you or I miss having someone whose there to tell them about my day, butch about that very annoying sales assistant or just sending random pictures of where/what we’re doing. Sigh.

Am i happy? Am I really happy? Or is this a facade only? Maybe I’m lonely that’s all.

Ending off with pictures of my big day!




image image image

image image

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I want to say the wrong thing. I want to slip up over drinks on our second date and admit something I didn’t want to tell you so soon and have you tilt your glass in ceremonious cheers to over-indulgence. I am a person who will always give too much, tell too much, feel too much and if that is not the kind of person you can love then I will never be the woman for you. I want to laugh over the kind of intimacies we’re not meant to share until we’re infinitely more comfortable or sure and I want that to be our own measure of comfort – our own measure of what it’s okay to be around each other.

I want to take you home too soon. I want to be too enthralled by your mind, by your body, by the heartbeat thrumming underneath your…

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20 July, 2015

Being a sour puss. That makes me, me! I’ve had this really bad habit of always looking at things from a worst case scenario, maybe it’s because I don’t wanna disappoint myself any further!

Each of us have had our little blessings, I’ve not been spared, I do get all happy, but it’s always short lived as I’ll think of 99 ways to make this blessing seem like a curse! Recently it strike me as many of my friends have told me that my thoughts are really negative, I mean I do try to take things from a different perspective, however it’s really easier said than done!

There are many things that I’ve experienced that made me the negative sour puss I am today, so to say that I should be think more positive, it is extremely difficult.

I’d like to be that bundle of sunshine that everyone loves to hang out or share secrets with, but too bad I’m just that girl, with the blackest, most longest face, sitting at one corner scaring children away!

Speaking of children, I really think people who cannot afford the time for their children to stop reproducing, really the world has enough of people, there no need for more if you can’t educate and nurture them properly! Don’t waste resources, I don’t think there’s much of it left anyway.

June 25, 2015

So, I finally graduated! After being retained for another semester, it didn’t matter because I will still graduated the same time with my batch, what mattered was that I had to pay an extra 3.2k.

I must say, Uni is not as easy as I thought it would be, before I started, when I heard people failed their exams, I’d think that because they were lazy and didn’t study hard for exams that’s why they failed, I WAS WRONG. At least for the school that I was in, if you got a P for your assignment, you better work your ass off for the exam because the chances of you failing the module is freaking high! I had many people tell me before that Australian Uni are less stressful and really easy to pass, but I think they are either damn smart or I’m damn stupid.

To sum things up, my uni life wasn’t awesome as I’d like it to be, but it was great, the best thing I did was to join DA, not only was I able to make new friends, I took up a leadership role, was able to organise, plan and initiate activities as well as productions. As cliche as this sounds, definitely something that I won’t be able to learn from books.

Goodbye RMIT SIM.

IMG_2992 IMG_3061 IMG_3059 IMG_2880 IMG_2838

Alltitude 2014

IMG_7500 IMG_7567

CDC 2015


Grand hall IMG_7553

Last photo at the courtyard 10983402_10152832581023962_5762014148892207974_n

Supper with the dancersIMG_5276 11061252_10152821928383920_2627896249447659911_n

lastly the 4th comm, the ones that went through all the scoldings, suppers and laughter with me :”)